The Role of Health Informatics in Pandemic Emergency Response and Infectious Disease Management

What You’ll Learn 

In this webinar, public health and medical experts will share strategies and insights to help communities learn more about technology and its uses in curtailing the proliferation of infectious diseases. We will share insights as we explore the opportunities and challenges associated with emerging technologies and how they impact the public health utility in North America.  

Specifically, we will focus on: 

  • Understanding the business case for the role of health informatics in public health
  • Strategic imperatives for effective and productive use of technology tools to effect clinical/operational needs of the public health function in US & North America 
  • What types of tools are being used today?
  • Legacy applications 
  • Emerging technologies: how do they work and why are they effective?
  • Synergies between tools (analytics/insights/timely intervention, etc.) 
  • Synergies between functional/clinical/technical/stakeholder teams  

Our public health experts will provide high-level presentations followed by a panel session whereby the moderator and audience will ask questions and facilitate discussion on the subject matter and each of the learning objectives.  During this segment we will explore and debate the viability of these tools, share expert opinions and analysis and help determine the return on investment potential of these solutions. 

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Our Presenters  

Marty Pearce, MPH
Gevity Consulting

Marty Pearce is partner emeritus and director of Public Health Solutions with Gevity and a public health epidemiologist with significant experience in disease surveillance, outbreak management, immunization and adverse events reporting. Marty supports clients worldwide in attaining their public health goals related to information management and community development by effectively applying the principles of good public health practice.

Aaron Middleton
Gevity Consulting

Aaron Middleton is a senior executive specializing in health information management and technology for 27 years with the last 23 building extensive experience in digital public health solutions.  He has provided thought leadership and expertise architecting and implementing digital public health solutions for reporting, surveillance, laboratory diagnostics and managing communicable disease, both in normal operations and in challenging situations such as SARS, H1N1 and other emergency responses like the Kosovo crisis and airlift.  

Dr. Summerpal Kahlon, MD 
Infectious Disease & Population Health Expert

Dr. Kahlon is an infectious disease physician.  He is also an expert in health informatics and healthcare administration, having served in executive leadership roles for hospitals, healthcare networks and Fortune 500 companies.  He has a passion for applying innovation and technical solutions to drive healthcare delivery forward. 

Jeff Stover 
Executive Program Advisor to the Commissioner at the Virginia Department of Health (VDH)

Jeff Stover has 25 years of public health experience, including 19 years leading sexually transmitted infection prevention and surveillance, which includes contact tracer activities otherwise known as "disease intervention specialists".  He has helped lead various informatics initiatives including Geographic Information Systems, data quality management and electronic laboratory reporting for STI/HIV and assisted with foodborne disease prevention and control in the United Kingdom.  Jeff has also served as a laboratory manager and coordinator of reproductive health clinical trials, as well as occupational health research. 

Bill Blewitt
Gevity Consulting - Moderator & Facilitator

Bill is a healthcare executive leader with a successful track record of bringing innovative change through research, thought leadership and partnership with healthcare providers. He is skilled in strategic planning, relationship building, population health strategy and consulting with experience in health analytics and business intelligence consulting


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