Rapid Implementation of an Open-Source Contact Tracing Solution

In this webinar, Gevity public health experts shared strategies and insights to help communities track, trace and analyze contact data related to COVID-19 patient cases. We demonstrated how a free, open-source tool offered by the World Health Organization (WHO) called Go.Data can offer essential contact tracing functionalities and be rapidly implemented, and how public health and health delivery system leaders can derive Public Health Intelligence from the data and insights gathered.

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Our Presenters

Anushka Premji-Osman
Senior Vice President, Gevity Consulting

Anushka is a senior management consultant offering more than 15 years of health informatics experience, including expert knowledge in the public health domain. She has managed several large implementations of public health solutions. She is President of the BC Health Information Management Professionals Society, a HIMSS Affiliate.


Marc Koehn
Chief Operating Officer, Gevity Consulting

Marc Koehn is a senior consultant with extensive experience advising executives on healthcare technology initiatives, including leading diverse, multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplinary stakeholder groups.


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